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StatStat is a new way to get the data you need… FAST! 

Peer reviewed flowcharts built around the way we clinicians think about each disease will quickly get you to the most salient piece of information that you need, without having to sift through endless Pubmed searches and review articles for that one pearl that answers your question.  


Each flowchart has three levels of data. 

  • The nodes of the flowchart give you a broad understanding of how to approach the disease process. 
  • Single click on each node for a quick summary of the data.  
  • Double click on each node for an in-depth review of the topic. 


Each flowchart contains rich media including

  • Illustrations of disease
  • Audio clips of murmurs
  • Echocardiography and angiography videos 
  • Patient handouts  
  • Community Resources

Search: The flowcharts are completely text searchable.  

Outline: You can navigate each flowchart quickly through the Outline to go directly to the section you need.  

Layers: Data types are organized into layers, which can be hidden so you can focus on the type of data you need.  

Hospital Layers: Hospitals can overlay personal algorithms to post hospital-specific resources to guide their clinicians toward their institutional best practice standards.